Wug ‚ÄčCavaliers

BBPISS GCh Burbrook Wug Royal Shenanigans

Nell was awarded Best Baby Puppy in Specialty Show at the

CCKCSC National Specialty in Halifax, NS. This is Wug Cavalier's second Specialty Best in Show win.

At 7 1/2 months of age, Nell becomes the youngest Wug Champion to date. She is the ninth Wug Champion.

Just 9 days after her first birthday, Nell finishes her Canadian Grand Championship. Our third GCh and first female GCh.

Wug in the Sky With Diamonds STJ TD

Lucy is our first certified St John AmbulanceTherapy Dog.

She is following in the paw prints of many relatives, enjoying every minute of it.

Huey finishes his Puppy career ranked as the #1 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy in Canada. He is awarded the Puppy of the Year 2015 title at the CKCSCC National Specialty in Halifax, NS.

Huey becomes the first Wug Cavalier to obtain American Kennel Club points at 1 1/2 years of age.

Nell finishes 2017 ranked as the #1 Canadian Bred Cavalier Bitch in Ontario, #2 in Canada !

BPISS GCh Burbrook Broduil FitzWug


Huey is our 8th Champion, our 1st fourth generation Champion, our 1st second generation Grand Champion, our 1st Group placement (before his first birthday) and multi Puppy Group winner. 

He becomes Wug Cavaliers' first Best Puppy in Specialty Show

winner when he was 9 1/2 months old.

Burbrook Irish Eyes

Lucie is just like her mom, Erin. She brings smiles to everyone on her rounds as a St John Ambulance Therapy Dog. I am very proud of the work they do.

Ch Wugs n Kisses for Burbrook

Erin is a St John Ambulance Therapy Dog doing what Cavaliers do best.

BIS(altered) Ch I'm a Wug Star

Sprite is the first Wug Cavalier to win a Best in Show. She was awarded Best Altered in Show at the age of 3 years. Sprite is also the first Wug to collect Grand Champion points.

GCh Wug's Royal Oak CGN

Oakley is the first boy that has stayed with me. He is a dream to live with. He is the second Bred By Exhibitor Toy Group winner and the first Best Puppy in Toy Group winner for Wug Cavaliers. We are proud to say, Oakley is the first Wug to reach Grand Champion status with all of his points from Best of Breed wins.

Ch Wugs n Kisses for Burbrook

Ch Wug a Winsome Brinklow Babe

Ch Wug's Up Doc at Ambercroft

Ch Wug Bug a Loo Ba CGN

Lulu was the first homegrown Wug Champion. She was also the first Wug to win Best Bred By Exhibitor Toy Group. Three of her littermates also became Canadian Champions. A very successful first litter for Wug Cavaliers.

Ch Burbrook Piece of a Wug Puzzle CGN

Puzzle was my first show dog and the first Wug to become a Canadian Champion. She is also the foundation of my breeding line.

Wugs at Work

Ch Kalamor's Sasha at Burbrook CGN CD

Lego was the first Wug to earn a Canine Good Neighbour title and the only one to earn an Obedience title