Contact:    Lisa Lott

Ontario, Canada


Whoever you find your puppy with, please make sure you get copies of all health checks for both parents. These include:

- current heart certificate by a cardiologist,  a certification by echocardiogram has the most information & is the only way to certify a Cavalier is "heart clear"
-current eye exam by an opthamologist, ideally the puppy will come with an eye exam at 8 wks of age too

-OFA certified hips & knees which means hip xrays were checked by three board certified radiologists after the age of 2 years
-DNA standing for EF/CC/DE, two Carriers should never be bred together
-clear of SM by MRI after 2 yrs of age. The older the dog is at the time of its MRI the more meaning the certification has because SM is a progressive condition. There is little value to an MRI done before 2 years of age.
      The minimum breeding protocol as suggested by the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada is no one is to breed a dog before it is 2 1/2 years of age and only if both parents are murmur free at 5 years of age. Worldwide standards are to certify by echocardiogram. The older the parents are the better your chances of having proven healthy genes in your puppy. Many of the conditions affecting Cavaliers don't show up until midlife.

Wug ​Cavaliers

Cavaliers have been in my life since 1979.   I believe a Cavalier is the best companion anyone can have.

​Occasionally, I do have Blenheim puppies available to loving, permanent homes where they will be a valued part of their extended families.

I believe in knowing the health history of my dogs to aide in producing healthy Cavaliers. My breeding stock are examined by board certified veterinarians yearly. They have been certified for  hearts (by echocardiogram), hips, knees & eyes.  Their DNA status is tested for CC/DE/EF.  My dogs have been MRI'd since 2008.


to lessen the incidence of heart disease in Cavaliers;

as well as breeding protocols for hip dysplasia & CM/SM.